Field Test: Giro Alpineduro Boots


My friends at Giro hooked me up with a pair of their winter mountain bike boot that they call the Alpineduro. I’ve been wearing the Terraduro shoe for a little while and was really excited to see how its winter brother performed once it got a bit colder. So far it’s been through winter road rides, frozen trail rides, and even some commutes when the morning chill was strong enough to justify it- those days it was hard to even take them off even once I arrived at work due to how warm and comfortable they are. 


Primaloft insulation: it’s a beautiful thing. My feet definitely run warmer than most people I know but I’ve never really had to wear more than a Defeet Wooleator for rides around 30ºF. The bellowed tongue keeps the wet from diving right into the shoe, though I experienced some water entering at the rear of the shoe- it’s cut low to allow for your foot to move freely but that was the only drawback of the design.



There’s a band about halfway down the tongue that keeps the laces from flopping about- pretty genius solution I thought. The top two D-rings are a nice touch as well. Under the boot is a super grippy and not to mention wildly comfortable Vibram sole that shields the cleat (I use Time) from whatever surface you might have to walk. Being the novice mountain biker that I am the average ride at my local valley trail system brings a couple hikes up steep rocky climbs that make much better descents on the way home. With other XC shoes I’ve always been slipping around these hikes but the Vibram soles make it much more tolerable.


If you’re in the market for a winter riding boot then I couldn’t recommend the Alpineduro enough- $200 gets you a solid piece of footwear that not only performs excellent but looks really great. Like, way better than any other winter cycling boot in this guy’s humble opinion. With a pair of jeans it hardly looks or feels like you’re wearing a bike shoe at all.

*note: I went with a whole size up than I normally wear due to the insulation and would suggest anyone else to do the same.

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  1. Look like an awesome boot. Been contemplating Shimano’s MT-91, also with a Vibram sole but only available in Europe, by the looks of it. These are by far the more stylish of the two.


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