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Emeco 1006

Emeco (Electric Machine and Equipment Co.) was founded in 1944 where it began manufacturing it’s iconic 1006 model chair on contract for the US Navy. Still made by hand in their Hanover, PA factory today as it was then of 80% recycled aluminum through a 77 step process. Light, strong, classic. Not just for boats and submarines anymore, they’re all over the world in cafes, homes, offices, you name it.

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Evil Modernist

Zine by Benjamin Critton who is also responsible for other nice projects like surplusurplusurplus and False Arms/Armes Fausses which is an ever-expanding color categorized photo archive.

MONDOBLOG – evil people in modernist homes in popular films on google maps

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Eames Hang-It-All

Ruby Anemic’s big Hang-It-All and a standard domestic size from The Selby.

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Less and More

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Eames by House Industries

a corkgrips specimen of Eames Century Modern by House Industries.

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Chair Project

“Inspired by the lack of places to sit on a crowded weekend in Chinatown, we invite you to relax, bring your lunch, or favorite book and take a seat.”

Actual Size, Los Angeles

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New House Old Things

In the next couple months I’ll be moving into a new apartment so I’ve been getting some ideas about what exactly I intend to put in it. Objects and furnishings found from: Hawkeye + Trapper, Mission2Modern Design, Severely Vintage, & Sit and Read.


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Junkin’ Report

James is a graphic artist from Portland, Oregon that has an eye for graphics. Armed with his camera he scours flea markets for precious/worthless objects for all to see. I could flip through his sets of photos all day long.. See them all here.

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