The newest addition to my pack army is this Purple Label climbing pack, released in Fall 2008 to the Japanese market the pack is covered in a gray herringbone and dark olive cordura bottom. I’ve been putting it to work while running errands around the city on my bike, no matter how fully packed the bag stays slim which makes it more manageable for high activity. The rubber lash points on the sides have been useful for carrying extra-large items on the outside and the daisy chain is a nice way to carry a u-lock without getting in and out of the pack. Funny how these details meant for mountaineering have been coming into play.

This clipping from Wilderness Experience’s 1975 catalog shows one of their early Klettersacks constructed in heavy cordura and leather bottom and lash points. The detachable side pockets are a really nice feature that I wish North Face would have considered. If herringbone is too much Altadena Works makes a Rucksack in a more traditional style made of canvas duck and Horween leather (cue Homer Simpson mouth watering sound effect).


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5 responses to “Klettersack

  1. Zoopy

    know where one could pick up another purple label pack like that?

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