Bean Boots vs Maine Hunting Shoe

With ample snow on the ground today there couldn’t be a better time to share both varieties of my LL Bean boots. The Maine Hunting Shoes were handed down to me by my father, not quite sure how old they are. The smaller eight inch boots are relatively new to addition to my closet, the leather isn’t quite as nice but they’re much easier to wear with a more modest sole.

Kiltie Bean Moc


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3 responses to “Bean Boots vs Maine Hunting Shoe

  1. They are the best, and best looking!

  2. I don’t know, as much as I love the look of these guys I am obsessed with my loungers. Maybe you know what I’m talking about with the Kiltie moc and all… To me you just can’t beat slip-ons. Guess I’m just lazy!

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