Some details from the winter pieces that have been getting frequent wear this season.


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11 responses to “Closet

  1. That is the first blue Duffle I’ve ever seen. I really like the look of it, better than the traditional camel even.

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  3. got the same deck jacket, size Medium…. nice and warm!

  4. I saw what I assume is that exact duffle at a thrift store a few weeks ago. Tried it on several times and wasn’t completely sold on the fit. Now, seeing this pictures, I really wish I’d would have gone for it! Would be interesting to see a shot of this on you to see if it fits better than the one I saw (it seemed too feminine – I’m a dude! Hah)!

    • Bob

      It was definitely ill-fitting when I found it but I knew it had potential. I had to have the body taken in but the shoulders were perfect, next winter I might have it cropped up bit.

  5. Layers and layers for this winter. That duffle is dope. Are the 1st and 4th photos of the same jacket?



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