Gift Guide

So, say you know a guy like me and you need help figuring out the perfect present. Well these are some things that have been on my radar that I wouldn’t mind receiving this holiday season. Read on for a full list of links.

  1. Cross Winter Hat by Rapha
    Keeps the ears warm, pretty awesome colors, enough said.
  2. Archival Rugby Shirt  by Archival Clothing
    Designed by Archival Clothing and produced by Portland’s Columbiaknit, the perfect logo-free rugby shirt.
  3. 7 Liter Traditional Saddlebag by Zimbale
    Zimbale makes these handsome saddlebags in 7, 11, and 18 liters and a padded camera insert is even available
  4. Brown Suede Derby by Quoc Pham
    An SPD compatible boot-like derby with everyone’s favorite Vibram sole.
  5. Instax 210 by Fujifilm
    Got the Polaroid blues? No worry, Fuji is doing a pretty good job with their instax cameras.
  6. Wool Socks by Defeet
    There’s nothing like good wool socks, keeps the feet warm and dry unlike sweaty cotton.
  7. Silver Bullet by Soma
    A handsome tail light that can be mounted to a braze-on of your choosing.
  8. Power Pump Pro by Crank Brothers
    Compact, simple, even has a gauge but available without too.
  9. 6″ Waxed Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe by L.L. Bean Signature
    I already have a pair of bean boots and mocs but I’m partial to both olive drab and waxed cotton.


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5 responses to “Gift Guide

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  2. ely

    The quoc pham shoes are over the top gorgeous. they have them at my friends shop, mission workshop. I would love to have a pair, but i dont know where i would wear them, they are almost too nice for the bike!

  3. Fine bags and the socks, well, who doesn’t love wool socks for Christmas.

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