I’d Rather Be Klunking

Before there was mountain biking as we know it today there was Klunking. Take some fat tires, a cruiser frame, and a go down a hill as fast as you can.. foot-out sliding is also a must. Check out both videos to see some old school and present day klunking, the former has a nice little interview with a young Gary Fisher around midway through. If you want to learn about the whole history of klunking check out the documentary Klunkerz.


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4 responses to “I’d Rather Be Klunking

  1. The final nominee of the 2011 transatlantic diablog award is announced now. You are among all of them. Check who you compete against via this link:


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  2. Nice work on this one man. Those videos are rad.

  3. yoshi

    sdbikecommuter follower? I posted the old klunking video right after sky posted the new one on the sdbikecommuter forum.


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