If the shape of the these camp (and baseball style) caps look familiar then perhaps you remember the post I wrote on the cap from a now defunct Freeman Transport. Benjamin Ferencz (pronounced “fair-ends”) formerly of Freeman Transport and his partner Martin Carvajal formerly of Freemans Sporting Club launched FairEnds with an intial offering of five-panel and baseball caps in their own original patterns. In the coming months Fairends will also be releasing a backpack, tote bag, tote pack, and a set of pouches for odds and ends. Really liking the hickory stripes and polka dots and definitely excited for their bags, all are American made goods.

Suggested reading: Freeman Transport & Hickory Stripes


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2 responses to “FairEnds

  1. these hats are super fresh. thanks for the heads up- might need that polka dot one.


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