Hufnagel Porteur Bike

Jordan Hufnagel forwarded me these photos of his new porteur that he’s offering as a complete build with plenty of options to make it the ultimate city bike. A couple details really caught my interest that separate it from the pack of porteurs with front racks and 650B tires that other builders are doing. I’m a big fan of “1 by” drivetrains, it’s a big trend in the mountain bike world and serves perfectly for city bikes as well since having more than one chainring isn’t really all that necessary unless you ride really hilly terrain. Jordan’s custom stem mounted shifter and chain keeper make for a clean and simple drivetrain- one ring, one shifter.

Here’s a bonus photo Jordan sent over of him hauling a Poler Rucksack on his porteur with yet another clean custom shifter component- a brake lever with a mount for a shifter so that a gear shift is always within thumb’s reach (closeup). For most, custom components like these are out of reach but there’s always Paul thumbies.


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5 responses to “Hufnagel Porteur Bike

  1. would love this bike for city roads will have to look up stockists

  2. Jonah

    I’m liking those handlebars on the porteur above. Are those the Velo Orange Left Bank bars? They appear to have more rise than their Porteur bars. Thanks.


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