Fishing by Bike

This old Sologne creel bag really peaked my interest when I saw it over at Vintage Bicycle and got me to thinking about how I could get some fishing done by bike this summer, even if only catch and release. I’d be curious if any readers have experience fishing on their bike and what kind of gear might be more preferable over others. Tenkara perhaps? Check out more photos of the creel bag (and bike) here.


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9 responses to “Fishing by Bike

  1. i tried lashing my rod case under the top tube…. not great while in motion. i just stick the case upright in a pannier now, bit of a flagpole but not too bad. my dad’s set-up, with stick zip-tied to rack and rod case strapped to stick:

    fishing bike

  2. VWalker

    This may not be too helpful, but I bought this pole for my Dad last summer:

    Trash the case and put everything in your saddle bag. He tapes it together with electrical tape and stores it in his motorcycle saddle bags all summer. Not sure if you’re interested in spinning rods…but I would suggest this guy

  3. Tenkara would be great. My go-to is a 7 piece travel fly rod, the tube is only about 18″ so its easy peasy strapped to just about anything. I usually just lash it to a hip pack and go.

  4. gnarggles

    tenkara all the way, been slaying small streams and lakes since spring has arrived! its light, less gear then western fly fishing, and less expensive to get into. Its much more effective for fishing small bodies of water too 🙂

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