Field Test: Portland Design Works Full Metal Fenders


Dan over at PDW was kind enough to send over a pair of their Full Metal Fenders which have been installed on my road bike for a few months now. Both Dan and Erik have been working on the fenders for several years going through prototype after prototype to find the perfect design to fit frames not generally intended to fit fenders. They’ve been a lifesaver on wet and snowy rides this Winter keeping me as dry as possible (and therefore warmer) due to their extensive coverage. Some may scoff at the $120 price tag but if you’re a regular follower of this site you probably already understand the value of well made things.


The hardware is all very well thought out and makes for easy adjustment later down the line should you decide to tinker the fender-lines to perfection. Yes, I do that. The fenders themselves are made from anodized aluminum and fit 23mm tires. Again, the coverage is excellent- you stay dry and your friends stay dry.. everyone wins. If you’re down about not being able to fit fatter tires fear not because a 45mm version is on the way.


The original fender stays reached the rear wheel’s skewer but in order to utilize the fender eyelets on the dropouts of my frame I needed a little extra length. I had an extra set of fender stays that I cut down to the size I needed them, they’re certainly wider than the included stays but it allows for a more even fit.



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3 responses to “Field Test: Portland Design Works Full Metal Fenders

  1. Really nice looking fit! I’ve been searching for the perfect fenders for my commuter bike, but out of frustration ended up buying a plastic clip-on butt flap at Performance! …these are intriguing, I’ll have to do more research. Thanks!

  2. darell

    They look great! But really…. 23c tires? I’m glad bigger ones are coming, but the narrowest ones should be sized for 25c tires at least. That’ll even make them better for 23’s and will be useful to more people. Stepping all the way up to 45mm would be clunky over a 25c tire.

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