Rapha SS14


As always I’m interested to see what Rapha‘s doing each new season and this collection does not disappoint. New styles of old favorite pieces, and new additional pieces that expand the brand’s offerings for the sartorially discerned cyclist. I’ll just touch on what caught my eye but the whole lookbook can be viewed here.

The Trade Jersey (pictured above) was introduced last year but they’ve taken the concept of the jersey further with the addition of embroidered text and graphics inspired by the heroes.


The Transfer Trousers marks Rapha’s entrance into the world of luxe cozy wear- virgin Italian wool with a brushed back in a track pant cut. The model’s even wearing a pair of Flyknit’s in the lookbook- they couldn’t be more on-trend here. Still, the pants are designed as a warmup/down piece and pack features with that purpose in mind including side-zips at the ankles for easy removal when wearing road (or mountain) shoes.


The best is of course saved for last- the Club Jersey makes it’s return in three updated colorways and the same quality Sportswool™ fabric used in seasons passed. I own an older iteration of the chartreuse and it’s my favorite jersey to wear regardless of what season, the fabric really performs well any time.


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2 responses to “Rapha SS14

  1. i love those retro wool jerseys they look so good, i like how they sew the logos on

  2. Reblogged this on Kitesurf Bike rambling and commented:
    As a lover of rapha – this hits the spot


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