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I got a chance to check out the 2014 Fall Winter Giro New Road line while I was at Capsule for last month and this boot was easily the stand out piece for me. The rep from Giro mentioned that the design team took inspiration for the silhouette from classic hiking boots like the Vasque Sundowner; the red laces are definitely a nod to the hiker style. It’s great to see the brand producing another lace-up style, likely after seeing success with the Empire and Republic models currently being offered.

Between the rugged Vibram sole and one piece leather vamp it’s bound to be a solid boot for winter riding. I’ve never liked a winter mountain bike style boot enough to buy one and commuting with neoprene booties in the winter can be annoying. Whatever price Giro will be asking for the boot will surely be fair for both the style and quality it’ll offer. And now, we wait..


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4 responses to “Hike And Bike

  1. cole

    oh man, you were there. That shoe will rule and under $200

  2. I believe the design team should say” we took inspiration from the PEdAL ED boots lunched in 2012″


    • Bob

      Both take design cues from hiking boots, but that’s the only major similarity I see here between the two. In my opinion the Pedal Ed boot, which looks quite nice, is more of an activewear boot with fashion in mind with a suede outer, produced by Diemme, etc.

      I think the Giro design definitely takes the concept to the next level with a more rugged sole and mountain bike cleat compatibility. When the weather gets rough I like to commute on my cross bike with Crank Brothers pedals, they’d also be great for Winter mountain bike rides!


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