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Paintings by Geoff Mcfetridge which were then cut up and attached to sneakers, see the rest of the paintings here.



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Surf Den

Installation by Sage Vaughn (via)

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A collaboration between Roe Ethridge and Miranda July. Interesting concept, see the rest of the series for Vice here.

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Colossus of Roads

The infamous train scrawling BuzZ Blurr also known as Colossus of Roads- an all time favorite. First three images are by Bill Daniel who is responsible for some great things on the subject of hobo scrawls/monikers including a zine, a documentary compiled from years of 16mm and super 8 film, and a series of photographs.

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Paintings of t-shirts that already exist in t-shirt form by my friend Matt Palladino.

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ready for the wood

I always had a strong feeling that the author of my favorite blog was some sort of amazing creative person and sure enough Ricky Swallow, who runs Ready for the House, makes some really amazing sculptures carved from Jelutong wood.


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William Christenberry

It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at Christenberry’s work but I’ve never appreciated it so much. The subject of his work (also includes sculpture and painting) is his home of Hale County, Alabama which was also the subject for Walker Evan’s photographs in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. As soon as the days start getting a bit longer and a little warmer I’m gonna have to start taking out my 4×5 camera on trips.

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Illustrated Kits

Happy holidays from cork grips. Illustrations by Andrew Mashanov, a fun take on the menswear blogger kits.

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