Montreal 1976



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TEDxPortland: Benji Wagner




Benji Wagner of Poler Stuff did a talk at TEDxPortland on technology and enjoying the outdoors. I think it’s great, check it out here.



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The Hill-Side Summer 15




The Hill-Side has come a long way from their humble beginnings in pocket squares, ties, scarves, and other simple Japanese and American-milled textile accessories. Today the collection consists of those things still but adds shirts, sneakers, jackets, and even denim. For Summer 15 they’ve shot their entire lookbook within a few blocks of their South Williamsburg home base, which also happens to be where their brick and mortar shop Hickoree’s is located. Check out the lookbook in full here and keep an eye on THS- FW15 has some really good stuff coming.


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Classic Heavy Duty




Recent issues of Free & Easy cataloging all the best classic outdoor gear and apparel, gooood stuff.

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Icy Yeti Caps


Amazing vintage hemp Yeti Cycles cap, manufacturer label reads “warning: do not smoke this cap.” Up for grabs on ebay to whomever has a $79 hole burning in their pocket.



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Topo Designs x Tenkara Rod Co



The awesome people at Topo Designs teamed up with Tenkara Rod Co (a little company out of Idaho) to put together a Tenkara kit that’s ready for a morning or lazy day of fishing right out of the box. The lightweight 3.2 oz carbon rod telescopes into 12 feet in length and packs neatly into its own case, strapping easily onto lash straps on the underside of the Light Hip Pack. A little wallet finishes off the kit holding a coiled line and flies, plenty of space left in the pack for some beers and whathaveyou.

Suggested reading: Fishing by Bike, South 2 West 8: Fish and Bike

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Cool Stuff. For Dads.


I went a little nuts this year rounding up gifts for super cool dads but I tried to find a good mix of items large and small, cheap and pricey. Father’s day always lands pretty close to my birthday so these collections act as a wish list of sorts for myself. Fancy that.

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WWII Weekend

I’ve been trying to go to WWII Weekend in Reading, PA ever since I read about it on Matthew Hranek’s blog, The William Brown Project, several years ago. Every Summer like clockwork I remember about it, check the MAAM website, and curse myself for remembering about it weeks or months too late. This year I managed to plan a trip out there on a beautiful Sunday with a few like-minded buddies obsessed with history and WWII in particular. I ‘ll definitely be back..

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