British Racing Green

I won’t guarantee that painting your car or bike in a shade of British Racing Green (BRG, for short) will make it go faster but it will certainly class it up a bit. The color found association with British motorsports during the Gordon Bennett Cup in which national teams were required to enter their native machines painted in an established national color, the colors on Union Jack happened to have already been claimed by a few other countries. Other national road going colors include Italy’s rosso corsa and Germany’s raw silver arrows.


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62 responses to “British Racing Green

  1. N'East Style

    Love this post! BRG is my all time favorite color.

  2. That bob Jackson is sweet.

  3. Thread less headset aside…

  4. per nielsen

    like the collor, but need the fenders on the bicycle, what are this bicycle fender type called ?, and where could they be found same type as those, am from denmark and whe dont have them here and never had

    • Bob

      Hammered fenders is what you want, Honjo is a popular brand for them but Velo Orange also makes a more affordable hammered fender. Just stop by one of your local shops and see what they have/can get a hold of.

  5. Germany’s national color was white, the silver arrows only came when they scraped off the white paint in a desperate attempt to cut some weight.

    • Bob

      It may have not been their official color but I think more people can associate silver to German motorsports than white, no? A good story regardless if it’s true or not..

  6. newgrass

    Heck yes. I’m about to paint my (motor) bike this color.

  7. I disagree: I think anything painted this color will SURELY respond with more speed. And definitely more “cool”…


  8. Absolutely the greatest color!

  9. oo nice to see and read it 🙂

  10. Green has always been on my list for possible wedding colors!

  11. Thanks for sharing. Is very good and very interesting.

  12. I made a computer case mod and I painted it in this color; actually I call it Lotus Green, since it was the color the English race team. And I loved it!

  13. It is a well documented fact that Colour can increase the speed of a car. Another documented fact is that British Racing Green is the Fastest Colour of them all.

    Nice Post!

  14. i like this green. not too loud.

  15. Lovely… this green…
    I would like to buy shoes and bag in this same color… but there isn’t on the market…
    The italian red is called *Rosso Ferrari* 😉
    no need to explain why…

  16. Amazing green. I like the details. You did great work.

  17. Green will allow you to blend well into the forest 😉

  18. I had a PERFECT condition older BRG Jaguar that was beautiful. Sitting on the beach at Waikiki I get a call that my son demolished that car. I love BRG, but love my son more. I have a weird taste in my mouth from green now.

  19. My Jag was BRG and I loved it soooo! It had some electrical issues and I eventually got rid of it, but I loved it! Thanks for the memories!

  20. I had a minivan that was British Racing Green.

    It was classy as hell.

  21. I’ve got a Mini Cooper painted in British Racing Green and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

  22. My dad has a white jag and we tease him endlessly for not getting it in BRG.

  23. Always enjoyed a clean Austin Healey, no less in such a recognizable color scheme! Thanks for sharing!

  24. ryoko861

    Love British cars…in any color.

  25. I had a 1973 Mach 1 in what Ford Called BRG. I loved that car and color.

  26. I have a British Racing Green Beret. Although it looks a little like an army surplus hat..

  27. Love that colour, all about the racing!


  28. I know that no one love spam, but you can find some really good music at my blog! come and see!

  29. Oh this is a great post, I’m so glad to see that this was freshly pressed. My dad is crazy about this colour and I like it as well. It’s so classy. 🙂


  30. Used to have an MGB-GT – BRG. A terrible machine but good looking>

  31. I’ve always liked the color green on automobiles. Why they aren’t more popular, I have no idea!

  32. atomicsaddles2011

    This coming Monday I will take delivery of a 1993 Jaguar XJS in British Racing Green here in Kyoto, Japan. Can’t wait! Enjoyed your pix, thanks.

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  34. I’ll paint my scooter green!

  35. Classic style, but not out of fashion.

  36. The Bob Jackson, an old but sweet racing memory.

  37. An exceptional blog in every way – love your style!

  38. Love the Austin Healey pic! 😉

  39. thebigbookofdating

    Love the post!

  40. Mark

    Great post and history lesson. Nice photography as well.

  41. ilieforfun

    Reminds of the movie KILL THE IRISHMAN 😉
    Danny Greene always drove that car.

  42. I had a minivan that was British Racing Green.

  43. Great photos. Great color.

  44. Enjoyable post, thanks!

    BRG is an interesting colour. By the way, I gather than in the USA, green is associated with bad luck when used for cars, and that at some point in history, US drivers refused to drive on the same track as the (BRG) Lotus, because of their superstition that they would cause an accident. Don’t know if that’s just urban legend.

  45. I’m fond of BRG as well. So much less snotty than french racing blue or italian racing red I’ve always thought

  46. British racing green is so wonderful, better than the Ferrari Red in my opinion!

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  48. My fave colour. I painted my first bike this colour after I owned it for about 4 years. British is Best as they say – haha.

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