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Nigel Cabourn Woman


I’m a big fan of what Nigel does and I think it translates really well to womenswear, or #wmenswear in this scenario where Ms. Lauren Yates of Ponytail Journal has modeled some fun SS16 looks from the ladies collection in London. Braces, sturdy twills, and even a fat bike. See the whole shoot over at PTJ.


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Pica Post

Illustrations by Ben Lamb appearing in issue #2 of Pica~Post, a 32 page publication put out by Oi Polloi. Getting me pumped to wear parka’s and sweaters (jumpers?) once again. Flip through the whole thing here.

Suggested reading: Ben Lamb



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British Racing Green

I won’t guarantee that painting your car or bike in a shade of British Racing Green (BRG, for short) will make it go faster but it will certainly class it up a bit. The color found association with British motorsports during the Gordon Bennett Cup in which national teams were required to enter their native machines painted in an established national color, the colors on Union Jack happened to have already been claimed by a few other countries. Other national road going colors include Italy’s rosso corsa and Germany’s raw silver arrows.


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Sleep Furiously

A quiet film by Gideon Koppel set in a small town in Wales. trailer


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Howell House

Find more snaps of Margaret’s country home in this week’s T magazine here.

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1965 ISDT

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Some stills from the first of a three part BBC documentary on the history and current status of the Harris Tweed industry.

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Ben Lamb

Illustrations by Ben Lamb for a full spread Oi Polloi advertisement found in issue 4 of Manzine. Reminiscent of the ads found in the back pages of old Backpacker magazines with a modern twist. Love the “Crampons not included!” label on the Fracap boots.. as if they could handle them!

Oneupmanship Journal: Manzine, Oi Polloi
Cold Splinters: CAMPMOR

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