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Fishing by Bike

This old Sologne creel bag really peaked my interest when I saw it over at Vintage Bicycle and got me to thinking about how I could get some fishing done by bike this summer, even if only catch and release. I’d be curious if any readers have experience fishing on their bike and what kind of gear might be more preferable over others. Tenkara perhaps? Check out more photos of the creel bag (and bike) here.


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Rock Hammer Hard On

Old pictures of guys on rocks, not much else to say besides that but it’s a good “+” to hit, follow here.

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Cabin Time

Cabin Time is a four day artist residency and wilderness retreat whose first session took place recently in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.The whole thing was organized by Geoffrey Holstad whose name you might recognize as the man behind So Sweaty and a contributor to Cold Splinters. Photographs by Colin McCarthy, see more here.

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Mess Kit

There is backpacker food, and then there is food made while backpacking. Photographs by Yusuke Kurosawa found on his blog Ridge which is a nice place to see where he’s been and the gear he’s using as well as read some jumbled translations if your browser is capable to do so.

Suggested reading: American Food


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On Track

Photographs by Tom Robertson, a Missoula, Montana based photographer and cyclist, found on the Hellgate Cyclery shop blog. Is it the weekend yet?

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Hütte Magazine


I don’t exactly recall I how found this magazine, but I like it. After a little digging (a post on Ridge) I found out that it’s aimed at a female audience, that much is unclear from these spreads though. From what I can tell it seems a little less fashion driven than other Japanese outdoor magazines like Go Out but not by much. The major difference between Hütte, German for cabin, and Go Out seems to be that Hütte is less mountain street style and more mountain style on the mountain. Either way, the photography is very nice- that’s Kasane Nogawa on the cover issue 3 pictured at the top. Perhaps the writing is good too, but I can’t read Japanese. See some more sample spreads here.

Suggested reading: Kasane Nogawa

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The Rain Cape

The first time I saw someone wearing a rain cape I thought, “wow, that guy looks totally strange, why wouldn’t he just wear a rain jacket like a normal person?” after which I inspected my wet pant thighs and thought a little more about how such a garment could be pretty useful- regardless of how funny one might look wearing it. From a cyclist stand point, there is much to be gained from wearing a rain cape versus a regular rain jacket which the drawing above illustrates pretty well: a dry protected “cockpit” depending on the size and shape, total seat area protection, and some protection for the upper thighs. Some capes even have room to wear a backpack underneath.

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Untouched Waters

Swedish photographer Henrik Bonnevier spent 100 days in the remote Lapland region of Sweden spending his time hiking, fishing, and of course taking pictures. See more of his lush pictures and read more about the project at his site Orörda Vatten.

Suggested reading: Interview with Henrik Bonnevier (in Swedish, Google Chrome suggested)



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