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Very Very Quiet

A fellow Philadelphian and a nice understated place to look at things.



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Liberty Vintage

Liberty Vintage has been getting a lot of attention after Etsy released their beautifully filmed mini-doc last week. I spent a good deal of time there while I was helping run extra extra in it’s former home which was located in the same building as Liberty. First Friday openings generally coincided with vintage bike meets which made for a pretty unique experience. From the looks of it he’s been using the gallery as a video studio.

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Techno Tuesday

Techno Tuesday is a comic by Philadelphia artist Andy Rementer.

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Tweed Ride III

This year’s Philly tweed ride was even bigger than the last, not sure of the final head count but I had a good time riding in a sea of tweeds, herringbones, and tartans. I was pretty into the corduroy knickers on the gent pictured above, gotta find myself a pair for next year’s ride.

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• Tweed Ride Philadelphia

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Bilenky Cycle Works

Bilenky is a local builder that does it all: track, cross, rando, porteur, road, couplers, and especially well noted for their tandems. Pictured is Stephen Bilenky himself with one of the biggest head tubes I’ve ever seen in my life and a beard that channels Sheldon Brown’s spirit. Stephen is the man behind the first and upcoming Philadelphia Bike Expo on Halloween weekend which I’m pretty excited about because there’s bound to be some good rides and races to take part in as well loads of great vendor booths.

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Humphrys Flag Company

I stopped by Humphrys Flag Company located in the heart of Old City (philly) last weekend and got a few snaps of this amazing place. This location is merely their retail space and all the fabrication takes place in a 50,000 square foot facility. Originally founded in New York in 1805 making ship sails they moved to Philadelphia in 1864 for it’s naval industry boom. Fun fact: I learned that legally only 30% of an American flag is allowed to be outsourced, typically that 30% is the stars.
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Three Potato Four

A new shop is under construction in Manayunk (a northern neighborhood of Philadelphia) called Three Potato Four, offering a plethora of well-curated industrial and vintage furniture and goods. The shop was previously run by a married couple from their home so having a bonafide brick and mortar must be a very exciting event for them. Check out their web shop here and stop in when it’s done at 376 Shurs Lane, only 15 minutes from center city Philadelphia.

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extra extra bookshop

aside from my day job i also help run a bookshop and gallery by the name of extra extra. if you ever find yourself in philadelphia come stop by.

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