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Freeman Transport

This cap has been getting a lot of wear on recent rainy days and kept my noggin bone dry (waxed cotton, of course). Grab one for just $16 while they last, Freeman Transport is slashing prices in half on all their goods!


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True Prep

My copy of True Prep that I was able to get signed by Chip Kidd last fall when he visited Philly to talk with Charles Burns. Bonus for you: I was able to make a tile image out of the excellent loafer end-paper which makes for great desktop wallpaper.

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Closet II

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Some details from the winter pieces that have been getting frequent wear this season.


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Bean Boots vs Maine Hunting Shoe

With ample snow on the ground today there couldn’t be a better time to share both varieties of my LL Bean boots. The Maine Hunting Shoes were handed down to me by my father, not quite sure how old they are. The smaller eight inch boots are relatively new to addition to my closet, the leather isn’t quite as nice but they’re much easier to wear with a more modest sole.

Kiltie Bean Moc


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Kiltie Bean Moc

I picked up these off ebay about a year ago though it took me a little while to realize that I had never seen another pair of them any where else. I finally decided to contact Bean’s PR guru Laurie Brooks who informed me that they were produced as a sample in the mid nineties and sold out of their factory outlet, making them pretty rare. At a size 7 they’re just a half size too small, I can get in them if I’m motivated but I’d rather trade them for something special that fits me.

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I acquired this old pair of Danner boots from Tepei in the fall and have since cleaned them up a bit and thrown on a new pair of Sierra boot laces. The Vibram Montagna outsoles (though they now come with a Kletterlift outsole) had a good deal of life in them when they came into my possession and still do today after regular wear and some light hikes.. hope to see these boots hold up for years to come.

Danner – Mountain Light II
A Restless Transplant – Danner Mountain Light II
Archival Clothing – Danner Factory Store Revisited



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The newest addition to my pack army is this Purple Label climbing pack, released in Fall 2008 to the Japanese market the pack is covered in a gray herringbone and dark olive cordura bottom. I’ve been putting it to work while running errands around the city on my bike, no matter how fully packed the bag stays slim which makes it more manageable for high activity. The rubber lash points on the sides have been useful for carrying extra-large items on the outside and the daisy chain is a nice way to carry a u-lock without getting in and out of the pack. Funny how these details meant for mountaineering have been coming into play.

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